MGJW Fellows Support Mason’s 50th Anniversary

The theme for the weekend was clearly passion, professionalism, and pride as the staff and alumni of the Raymond A. Mason School of Business’ pulled out all the stops for their historic MBA 50th Anniversary event from June 2-3. More than 600 people returned to their alma mater from eight countries and 40 states to reconnect with the key people of their past and present in the place they hold so dear to their hearts.

W&M MBA 50th Anniversary176To help set the stage for the largest alumni gathering in the business school’s history, Laura Brown and the Business School team asked the Major General fellows to assist with guided tours. The Fellows stepped up, providing 6 volunteer tour guides and “brought the Alan B. Miller Hall tours to another level,” according to Laura. While walking with their escorts through the halls many of us take for granted, we often heard alumni remark that this was the first time they had been inside the new facility, and many marveled at how far the business school has come since they graduated.



Laura recounted how the “Alumni loved hearing what has changed, what remains the same, and how current students benefit from the wonderful new facilities,” in the way only those familiar with far more austere surroundings can communicate. The visitors were able to hear personal “war stories” from the first year learning experience and how their continued support has enabled the Mason Business School learning experience to improve for each and every class.

W&M MBA 50th Anniversary1752

Following the tours, lunch was held to reacquaint alumni with their fondly remembered Executive Partners, as well as introduce them to new additions to the program. Being so close to the world’s largest concentration of U.S. Naval forces and right next door to Fort Eustis, one of the most important resources in keeping the U.S. Army fighting ready, there are numerous retired senior officers participating as Mason School Executive Partners.


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Saturday evening, the MGJW Fellows guided the Alumni cohort to the sunken gardens where the Fellows and their spouses were able to enjoy an evening of celebration with nearly 100 years of William and Mary business alumni to join school namesake Raymond A. “Chip” Mason in welcoming alumni, supporters, and friends to celebrate 50 years of principled achievement in the MBA program.

W&M MBA 50th Anniversary316







Members of all five of the traditional military branches are represented in the class, staff, and alumni, including Retired Army Corps of Engineers officer Professor Rex Holmlin, all Army combat branches, Logistics, Rangers, Paratroopers, Coast Guard officers, Navy Surface Warfare Officers, Engineers, Pilots, and even Navy SEALS.

W&M MBA 50th Anniversary355During his remarks, Mr. Mason related how “over 30 percent of each MBA class is comprised of former and active duty military,” and how our inclusion is critical to William and Mary’s mission to “enhance the global educational experience for everyone.” Additionally, the school shared a video vignette highlighting the success a previous alumnus of the program has had in his Army career and his deep appreciation for the impact the school has had on his life and the lives of his soldiers.



As the night drew long, the Army Band completed the evening, accompanied by a 20-minute long fireworks show – a fitting closeout to a job well done.


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