Well Informed World Views: Major General James Wright Fellows Shine in Country Analysis Presentation Competition

When Mason School of Business Macro Economic Professor Franklin “Bud” Robeson issued his syllabus at the start of Module 3, he noted early that the Country Analysis Presentation was indeed going to be a competition, and he was willing to put his money where his mouth by backing the MBA program office and increasing the cash prize to be doled out to winners.

3rd and 4th Place1

With $1000 on the line for the winning team and the right to hold a novelty size check at stake, members of the MaChina1jor General James Wright fellowship once again rose to the occasion, serving as key contributors in 3 of the top 4 finishing teams.  With every MGJW Fellow having deployed overseas and nearly all having also lived outside the United States, the cohort was poised to bring well informed world views to the project.

The competition format was simple and heavily influenced by the March Madness excitement filling Miller Hall; all teams would compete in a qualifying round before select teams would meet in a “final 4” show down in front of the entire student body.

Fellows Jon Patten and Brandon Bangsboll teamed up with several international students to deliver a presentation on Japan.  Not one to shy away from a challenge and a family man at heart, Brandon Bangsboll further impressed the crowd by delivering his brief while also holding his daughter who unexpectedly joined the briefing team on the stage.  The compassionate display, along with a solid presentation, earned these two and their team a share of third place.

MGJW Fellow Quinn Overton led an All Star team that delivered a powerful  presentation on China; expertly handling questions from the judging panel that included Dean White, Dean Pulley and “Bud” Robeson.  The very impressive showing gave the judges and the crowd a great finish to the competition, as Quinn’s group narrowly missed a first place finish and graciously accepted their reward.

GermanyWill Lindberg and Brandon Kennedy held roles with “Team Hoffblitz” and contributed the victorious Germany presentation.  But each was quick to comment that behind the scenes it was the leadership of Wiebke Heinrich which prepared the team for its first place performance.  Said Will, “Wiebke deserves all the credit for our success; she was an amazing leader and it was through her efforts that we achieved this.”