Passing the Torch: Current MG James Wright Fellows welcome the new class and their families

Fellows at the Statue cropped

On July 17th the newest members of the Major General James Wright Fellowship arrived at Miller Hall for the start of their 14 month journey.  Greeted by an eager team of MBA Admissions & Program staff, the 2018 Cohort was also formally introduced to the 2017 team, sharing lunch on day 1 and spending more time on day 2 reviewing best practices and lessons learned.

IMG_2057“It was great to sit with the team who came before us and pick their brains” said Brandon Staub, MGJW Class of 2018. Staub’s peers echoed the sentiment, saying many valuable nuggets of information were passed on. With the topics ranging from interactions with the TRADOC & Student Detachment, to academic classes and what to expect from working within learning teams, a robust conversation was enjoyed by all. And at least one Fellow from 2017 handed off his textbooks to the incoming scholar that he sponsored free of charge, exemplifying the camaraderie and kinship these meetings meant to instill.


The final connection opportunity was at the MBA Program hosted picnic on Thursday evening where spouses and family members were invited to meet and break bread. Conversations about local schools, day cares, fitness facilities and Williamsburg points of interest were often overshadowed by the sounds of children at play.  As the tikes made Miller Hall their playground, the adults exchanged pleasantries and memories from the past year.  “I remember this event last year” said the spouse of a MGJW 2017 Fellow. “Not only can I believe how fast the year went, but how great an assignment this has been for our family.”


With the torch passed, we can only hope the spouses of ’18 will enjoy a similar memory next year.