MBA; MBA Complete: Major General James Wright 2017 Graduation

Graduating MGJW Class 2017

The 2017 Cohort of the Major General James Wright Fellowship on Graduation Day


On a quiet Sunday in August, during an intimate ceremony in Brinkley Commons, the 2017 Cohort of the Major General James Wright Fellowship graduated from their 14 month MBA experience.  Commencement speaker Major General  Paul M. Benenati, Deputy Chief of Staff U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, lauded the fellows for their hard work, and then challenged the group to “get back to work” in the TRADOC enterprise.  With half the cohort destined for the Army Capability Integration Center (ARCIC) or the TRADOC G 3/5/7, his point was more than tongue in cheek.

2017 Cohort Word Cloud

What 3 words best describe the 2017 MGJW Cohort?

Among the gathering were plenty of family and friends, along with a sizable contingent of professors and fellow students who gave up their afternoon to see their class mates off. “I don’t know what our second year is going to be like without the Fellows” said Vishwa Natrajan.  “They were such hard workers and fun people to be around…they will be missed.”  Similar sentiments are captured in the above depicted word cloud, a representation of the most common responses from students, faculty and staff when asked to share the “3 words that best describe the 2017 MGJW Cohort.”

For many members of the Fellowship, the graduation was bitter sweet.  “As the lone Logistics officer in this cohort, I’ll be heading to Fort Lee to work as an instructor at the Logistics Captains Career Course” said CPT Brian Johnson.  “While I look forward to the opportunity, its going to be hard to say goodbye to so many great friends–students and James Wright Fellows alike.  Luckily I’m just an hour away.”

With Johnson and the remainder of the group staying in the area for the next two years to fulfill their utilization, the Mason School of Business family ended the ceremony looking forward to opportunities to have the 2017 James Wright Fellows return for school and community events.  Dean White commented, “they are part of the Tribe family, and will always be welcome to come back.  And we hope they do!”