MGJW 2018 MBA Orientation Week

Orientation started with meeting our Learning Teams, small groups of 4-5 students who you will work with throughout the year on projects, homework, and various team activities.  Among many other activities, key events included: signing the William & Mary Honor Code, meeting our Executive Partners, a Campus Discovery Tour, community service activity, and the big finale – the ropes course.


William & Mary, the second oldest college in the U.S., has a lot of unique traditions and programs.  One such program is the country’s first Student Administered Honor Code and Council.  This code guides our actions and is overseen by a council made up of students.  The ceremony is conducted in the oldest building on campus and is indicative of the standards William & Mary holds for its students.


Another unique program to William & Mary, specifically Mason School of Business, is the Executive Partner (EP) Program.  Williamsburg boasts a large community of retired executives from a myriad of industries, including the military, who wanted to help develop future leaders.  The Mason School of Business has cultivated a network of CEO’s, COO’s CFO’s, Generals and Admirals which will guide students throughout the year.


The Campus Discovery Tour was designed to send us running around campus in a timed scavenger hunt with our learning teams.  It provided a history lesson as well as a self-guided tour of campus.

Keeping with the outdoor theme for that day, the afternoon consisted of community service projects.  The faculty and students of William & Mary have a long history of community service and to strengthen the link between the college and community, Mason included an afternoon of community service.  Projects available ranges from a nursing home visit, city park landscaping and American Revolution Museum assistance.  In the end everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time, heat and humidity aside, and learned something from the experience.


To complete the week, the William & Mary Recreation Crew came out to the school’s ropes course to guide us through team building and leadership activities.  The activities are designed to challenge our strength and mettle, including one 65 feet in the air.  This it gave us an opportunity to bond with our learning teams and see how important the support of our teams and the MGJW Fellows is.

Overall, the Pre-MBA Math and Accounting Bootcamp and Orientation Week really set us up for success for our very challenging MBA courses.