100% Success: Year Group 2008 MGJW Fellows Selected for Promotion to Major

After a long wait, the results are in.  For the year group 2008 members of the Major General James Wright Fellowship it was a clean sweep; 100% of those eligible for promotion will pin on a gold oak leaf cluster in what manyCPT to MAJ hope is the near future.  With five members of the 2017 and two members of the 2018 cohort receiving the good news; there was rejoicing in Miller Hall, TRADOC Headquarters and the Army Logistics University.

As news of the promotions reached social media, current and former Mason School of Business classmates were quick to congratulate the selected officers.  The support was genuine, laudatory, and humorous–speaking to the connection the MGJW Fellows continue to enjoy with their classmates.  As CPT–nay–CPT(P) Brian Johnson posted the news on Facebook, he was advised by Mason classmate Jeff Staker that it was “time for another mustang.”  Staker, a father of four himself, must have appreciated the response Johnson, “No new mustangs just yet Jeff…”


Clearly the mature and analytic thinking of a future Field Grade Officer.